ịžặяđ Mậšţệř is/was on good terms with the Wizard Master customer base. How does the community react to Wizard Master? Well, truthfully, Wizard Master is the subject of dark tales. Wizard Master has a small group (about five people) who consider Wizard Master an enemy and who will spy on Wizard Master constantly, providing information to rivals and other underhanded competitors. Luckily, though, Wizard Master also has found favor with the people of an entire city or large institution (like a sports team or order of knighthood) and allies who provide legal or governmental leverage when needed. As for companions, Wizard Master has a common pet like a house cat, small dog, or song bird. It is very perceptive.
  • 2014.02.16 wizardmaster.ORG ! New!
    More NEW Wizard Master at the all new wizardmaster.ORG! Wizard Master in blog form.

  • 2013.06.21 Flipppper!
    Play with the new Wizard Master image leadership software, codenamed "Flipper"!


    Load in images from your computer and then post the output images and comments and issues and bugs on the Wizard Master Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/wizardmaster.america

    Currently only targeted for Firefox and Chrome browsers, but it also happens to work in Safari.
  • 2013.03.25 Wizard Finger

    UPDATE: Twitter changed their API, so this app now broken and just repeats your text.
  • 2010.05.10 Semidigested
    Like Wizard Master, but as a blog.
  • 2007.07.18 Lincrusta! updated 2009.10.01
    A diseased wasteland beneath the grime beyond the vortex.
  • 2007.07.17 Seer!
    A vile look into the shocking corruption of the burning vault.
  • Please visit the Wizard Master myspace page: www.myspace.com/semidigested
  • 2006.05.15 Preternatural Horde
    The Preternatural Horde teams up with the tiny Ice Elves to take down evildoers.
  • The Zombie Overmind encounters a friendly Troll Warlord who endures an endless stream of abuse from his's trusted companion, the Finger of Vampiric Gloom.